Students can sign up online for any of the courses listed below. Special lectures and events are announced on the events page.

Pre-Wedding Classes

“Kallah Classes”:

Kallah Classes are intended for a bride before her wedding. It is typically a 6-part series including lessons about anatomy and physiology, women’s health, and in-depth classes in the Jewish laws relating to marriage. The classes combine text-based learning with conversational guidance to provide a series of thorough, yet easy to understand classes to prepare a bride for her wedding. A significant amount of time in my kallah classes is devoted to preparing the bride emotionally for her marriage. I discuss the importance of emotional intimacy as a foundation for physical intimacy, and provide guidance and advice for making the transition into this aspect of marriage more natural. I discuss the Torah’s view of intimacy and set a framework for building a healthy, beautiful, mutually satisfying marital relationship.

I recommend starting Kallah Classes 3 months before the wedding, to ensure ample time to complete all classes in the series. Kallah Classes are conducted in live one-on-one sessions, either in person or via the internet.

I accommodate requests for brides to custom-build a pre-marriage course curriculum. Please contact me for further information.

Pre-marriage Couple Classes

Marriage Preparation for the Couple:

In addition to the traditional Kallah Classes, I offer an option for couples to take general marriage preparation courses together. This is typically a two-part series:

In Part I, the couple discovers each other’s mode of expressing emotions (what Gary Chapman calls a “Love Language”) and how that impacts daily communication and marital satisfaction.

In Part II, the couple discusses possible sources of conflict that can arise in marriage and how to best mediate those challenges.

While I recommend taking both parts together since the courses build on each other, couples also have the option to sign up for just one of the two-part series.

Part I is also a great course for already married couples!

Post Wedding Classes

Refresher Courses:

Marriage Refresher Courses are intended for the married woman. No matter how excellent a bride’s kallah classes, it is often more difficult understand theoretical concepts than practical lessons. It can also feel overwhelming to learn everything necessary in a short amount of time, while also being distracted by the engagement period and wedding preparations. Marriage Refresher Courses review the key concepts in the laws of Jewish family life, and allow the married woman an opportunity to ask questions based on her personal experiences. These courses can be custom-made to address any stage in a woman’s life. A typical refresher course consists of a 3-part series; however, I provide the option to custom-build your own refresher courses on the topics you wish to review. Please contact me for further information.

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